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In contrast, the typical accounting firm salary of a small firm of people is closer to $140,000-$150,000 a year. At the Big 4, however, partner salaries start around $300,000 for the first year and can go as high as $3,000,000 after a decade or more. Once again, a partner’s salary at a mid-sized accounting firm lies somewhere between the small firms and the Big 4. With over three decades of experience in taxation and accounting, AccPlus has proven itself as a well-established and reputable financial services firm throughout Vaughan, Ontario. At Accounting Plus, we provide top-notch accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses of all sizes.

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With your ideal accounting position in mind, conduct some basic online research to learn what qualifications are required for that job. For most of the world’s largest public accounting firms, a Bachelor’s degree in a minimum, with a Master’s being a plus. Passing The CPA Exam is also important, but you typically aren’t required to pass that before starting your career. We are one of recommended accountant and bookkeepers in the region. We cater to all accounting and tax planning needs of small to medium sized businesses in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville and Toronto. Eleven helps accounting firms from Singapore and beyond automate mundane tasks and focus on such value-adds as advisory and custom reporting.

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They’re headquartered in Chicago and hold more than 580 offices in more than 110 countries. In recent news, the company has recently merged its Denmark operations with those of Ernst & Young. Consequently, the merger will allow the company to offer more services to its clients while providing more support for that particular region. With that said, as of 2023, these are the top 20 accounting firms in the world.

Ultimately, the firm specializes in audit, tax, and advisory services. On the smaller end, regional accounting firms typically operate out of one or two regions, though they may have multiple locations. So, medium-size accounting firms are essentially smaller than the Big 4 but larger than regional firms.

Big Four vs Mid-Sized Firms: Which is the better choice?

Overall, Big 4 firms are still unmatched when it comes to buffing up your resume. Smaller firms prefer to hire former Big 4 employees over those from mid-tier accounting firms. There’s a reason that medium-sized firms are sometimes called “second-tier.” That said, taking a job that doesn’t suit you just because it looks good on your resume isn’t the best career path for everyone.


At the Big 4, you may spend a great deal of time with a single client working on a single part of an audit, allowing you to specialize. You’ll work on a greater variety of things and stages in the auditing process, gaining good experience and helping you prepare to take the CPA Exam. You’ll work less overtime and may not need to work nights and weekends outside of the busy season. In decades past, independence was considered the gold standard of audit.